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How do I register my son or daughter?

Registering your son or daughter in West Side Little League is simple. Click "Register Now" link on our home page to set up an account and register.


I live outside of West Side Little League boundaries, but my son/daughter attends a school within West Side's boundaries. Can my child play for West Side?

Yes! Students at any school that resides within West Side's boundaries are eligible to play for West Side.


I am interested in being a coach or volunteer, who do I contact?
We are always looking for parents and interested individuals to help out at West Side Little League.  Click on "Register Now" on our home page, and then go to the "Coach Registration & Background Check" link.  A background check is required of all volunteers.  WSLL covers the cost of the background check.  


Is there a registration discount for multiple players?
Yes.  A family with multiple players will receive a $15.00 discount for each additional player.  So for example, if you have two kids playing, you will get a $15.00 discount.  If you have three kids playing, you will get a $30.00 discount.


My child has not played with the league before. Is he/she eligible?
Yes!  However, all players must:
    1.) Be at least league age 4 and not exceed 16 years old on or before the cut-off date.
    2.) Reside within the league boundary or attend a school that is within the league boundary (e.g. Pierce Middle School). ** Keep in mind that Baseball and Softball have different boundaries.  


We want to purchase a baseball bat for the season. Are there guidelines somewhere for this that we can use to make a proper purchase?

  • All new bats must meet the USA Baseball Bat Standard. These bats will have the "USA Baseball" marking on them.
  • The maximum barrel size for all divisions is now 2 5/8".  There is no length-to-weight or drop-weight limit on bats, but they must have the "USA Baseball" marking.
  • One-piece wooden bats are permitted and do not require the USA Baseball marking. Multi-piece wooden bats do require marking.
  • The Intermediate 50/70 division permits USA Baseball certified bats as well as BBCOR bats.


What is West Side’s registration refund policy?
West Side Little League’s policy for registration refunds is as follows:
1) If a registrant has their registration cancelled due to their residence not being within the official boundary, they will receive a 100% refund less a $20 administrative fee.
2) If a registration is cancelled prior to the official beginning of the session, and there is no boundary issue, then 100% of the registration less a $5 administration fee will be refunded.
3) If a registration is cancelled after the official beginning of the session, a $20 administration fee will be assessed and the remaining balance will be pro-rated over the length of the season.
Pro-rating will occur on a weekly basis. For example, for a $100 registration with a 10-week-long season – if a registration is cancelled at any time during the 2nd week of the session the refund would be calculated as
2/10*$100 = $20 PLUS $20 administrative fee = $40 fee due to WSLL
The refunded amount would be $100 – $40 = $60